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AvatarBailey Martinez

I had this issue on both knee’s. My biggest issue was letting my knee’s break inwards when I did just about anything.

This was due to 2 big things. 1 – Mobility/Flexibility issues; which all of the hip, knee and ankle video’s helped with. 2 – Strength inbalances – I worked on my vmo so much (thinking it was patella femoral) that I neglected the other 3 quads, and needed to catch up. Also I needed to strengthen my glutes and hamstrings.

If you can do a proper squat and you can transfer the external rotation of your femurs to your everyday activities, you should be on the path to success.

The biggest key for me to work on was to engage my glutes and push my knee’s out (once I had the mobility). To go along with some analogies I’ve heard about the body being split up into an engine component and a transmission component, I feel that the glutes act as a clutch.  They really allow you to engage the hamstrings, the inner thigh muscles, and allow for solid support of the lower back.