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AvatarRyan Balthazar

Hey Thomas, really quick thoughts. First don’t be discouraged that you are tight and immobile every where… atleast you know that you are tight. Everyone has a start point. Second remember the Tourtise and the Hare book… The hare starts off fast but doesn’t finish, but the tourtise is constant and finishes the race. So be the tourtise with addressing the stiffness and tightness. Third, Kelly’s mobility course is amazing if you ever get a chance to go to it. I completely agree with him and a fellow physiotherapist. One of his statements is to organize centrally to promote stability peripherally. I.e. Get your spine organized in good mechanics and engaged which will have a carry over effect to your arms and legs then get them organized. I think it wouldn’t be a stretch to take this strategy with addressing your problems of the knee. So start Centrally (Spine/Hips) and then progressively work outwards (to the knee then calf then foot). as you are able. Make progress like the tourtise on the hip and then when its time move down the chain. I’ll get some more stuff to you soon in helping understand the anatomy and with mobs.

Drew Cook