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AvatarRasmus Jakobsen

An update – I’ve been working w. my local Crossfit coach to refine my squat form. I’ve changed the angle of my feet to be nearly straight forward, and adjusted my stance a bit narrower. The biggest improvements and most revealing of my movement issues is the press, which showed that my lower body is often unstable, making it difficult to stabilize the weight overhead. 

I’ve been working to fix this, to stabilize my knees and hips into full extension and let them sit directly in line w. my center of gravity. It’s made a huge difference in my everyday posture and also in any lift that goes overhead, like the clean and jerk or push press.
Basically, we’ve learned my hips were rarely in full extension, my knees were rarely in line with my center of gravity, and that I need to mobilize my hips and ankles to try to get that range of motion.
I’ve also noticed my feet are terribly weak and I have difficulty maintaining an arch. Working on screwing my feet into the ground, getting new shoes that are flat and don’t shorten my heel cord, all seems to be making a difference. Also just trying to have good posture all the time!