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AvatarDana Littrell

I’m having a similar issue just now. Had a surgery on right knee a year ago. Since June added some volume on Oly lifts and squats. Did a lot of stretching to open my hip (super squat, anterior hip openers with a band). Had some minor knee pain in both knees, that disappeared after warm up, but got worse an hour or so after the workout, so walking stairs was very uncomfortable. two weeks ago it got much worse, knees began to swell a bit on lateral sides (where the main pain came from), so I stopped squating and any sort of jumping or Oly to give them a rest.  I found this two vids helpful

Did a lot of  TFL  and glute smashing with lax ball, and rolled and smashed the shit out of my rectus femoris. I suppose it helped,as for now right knee (operated one) almost doesn’t hurt but left still does a bit. So I also don’t know can I incorporate squating and Oly back or should I let the knees rest some more.