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AvatarBailey Martinez

David and Kaitlin,

Thanks for all the great info.

I did some more research nutrition analysis and found that there’s different kinds.

Blood work – which Wellness FX does; but also a kind that looks more at your muscle instead of the blood.

The latter focuses on the fact that your blood can change throughout the day, but the muscle fibers are more consistent. A local chiro couple does their nutrition analysis with this method.

Have either of you heard of this other method? If so, I assume you believe Wellness FX is better – since that’s what was suggested. Why do you think Wellness FX is the better choice?

Otherwise, I’m meeting with a physicians assistant today to get the referral for a PT and hopefully some deep tissue work.  I plan on getting the Astym/Graston and isolate any remaining strength deficiencies through PT and mobility work.

One product that has come up on my radar is Knox Gelatin. Apparently gelatin used to be common in our diets when cows and such were grass fed. Now they’re corn fed, and the meat lacks the gelatin. Any thoughts on this?

Aside from the gelatin, the only other thing I’ve heard consistent word on is fish oil. I’m already taking some, but was curious to know if there are any brands that are legitimately more reputable?