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I’ve never had astym done to me. It sounds like it is along similar lines as graston.
I have had graston done with good results. The person I had doing it is an athlete and works with many athletes which I think makes a difference.

Supplements can have a negative impact if it is something you are not in need of. In some cases too much of something is as bad if not worse than having not enough of it. Another impacting factor is the form of the supplement fluid, gel cap, pill etc. In some forms the body isn’t able to process it to a point where it can absorb & use it.

Here are a couple mwods where Kelly presents aspects of Wellness Fx.
Measuring Lifestyle and Nutrition Part 1
Measuring Lifestyle and Nutrition Part 2
Measuring Lifestyle and Nutrition Part 3
I’ve had excellent experiences with Wellness Fx and you get alot of information and a plan of action on anything that needs attention. You’ll have your questions that you list above answered and answered based what your blood work results show and what you are currently doing.
Jim is a good guy, an athlete, and involved within several communities.
After the blood work is done you’ll schedule a consult with a doctor that you choose. There are bios on each person from your location that gives a good background on the person what they are involved with, and personally do. This makes a difference when the person understands how you train, your goals etc.
You have the option of scheduling a consult with a nutritionist and Wellness Fx has several other resources available. You’ll receive visual representation of your test results as well.
There are several options depending on what you want to find more about.
One good supplement for training is 3Fuel. It is a real clean product as well. You can use the code 3FLyons for 10% discount. If you have questions on anything feel free to message me.