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AvatarBailey Martinez

If anyone has a similar bulge on the lateral side of the patella, I found out that it’s not necessarily bad or abnormal.

When in to see a physio yesterday and got good and bad news:

Good news: All my mobility and strength work has paid off. I don’t really have muscular imbalances or range of motion issues that would contribute to my knee pain.

Bad news: He thinks that a have a degenerative patella tendon that needs attention for proper healing.

Essentially my bad biomechanics injured the tendon. While I’ve fixed the issues contributing to the bad biomechanics, I’ve never allowed the tissue to heal properly.

He’s recommending Astym. I used to get Graston treatments – which after some research is just about the same thing. There are sights that say the goals of each are different, but from what I can tell – they both do the same thing to accomplish their goal and the others as well.

I actually think that the Graston is the reason why my left knee is a lot better than my right. My left used to be the worse knee, and I had additional graston treatments to it. The left patella tendon healed better, and now the right is the worse one.

Now my focus is to cut back on activity and focus on the damaged tissue – I’ll probably start another thread asking about how to go about finding what supplements are legit and which are a waste of time.

So far I’ve found the following list:

Powdered Collagen

Otherwise, combine those with the Astym/Graston and some good exercises that stretch and strengthen the tissue (within reason) is all I should need over about 6 months.