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AvatarNathan Richer
first i totally agree with everything you’re saying.

i believe the referral is only in reference to if you want insurance to reimburse you.  i have found that there are some PTs who work specifically with doctor referrals and those who will take anyone, referral or off the street. and then those are split up into those who are willing to charge you out of pocket and those who take insurance and pay out of pocket.

as to your last question – i think the system is setup best for a cure mindset – get a big ass problem, go to the doctor, get cured.  we have little or no support for the preventative mindset which i believe is ultimately in the population’s best interest.  so for a segment of the population who dont’ give a crap about their health, then this works great. it works terribly for those who do care.  thankfully the winds are shifting. there are more resources for taking control of your own health without going to a doctor and going through the medical/insurance system.  unfortunately we’re gonna pay for it out of pocket for the time being.