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AvatarNathan Richer

the whole medical system is bound by rules/regulations and making money off the insurance carriers.  the rules and regs say i cant use a doc unless i get referred AND if no referral then no insurance reimbursement. most people cannot afford or will not pay for medical treatment especially preventative stuff like this.

i had to pay to see an ART/graston guy out of pocket every week for years. it was the best investment ever. it kept me going and training.  it was about $100/week. so $400/month. what could i have wasted $400 on every month? drinking more? buying more comic books? it was worth every penny.
today’s world with wellnessFX and the like including mwod, we are now able to take medical issues into our hands. 
also most docs only handle the normal sedentary population. they dont understand the athlete. i spent years in the SF bay trying many docs, getting frustrated, and finally finding the right people with the right understanding.  i would never ever go to another doc ever without a trusted referral from someone i knew who was also an athlete like me.  or from my ART/Graston guy who also knows who’s good and who’s not in the area.