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AvatarBailey Martinez

That’s really good to hear. 🙂  At least the ball is rolling, hopefully it won’t take too much longer for it to pick up some speed.

One thing I recently discovered, in Illinois, is that in order to even see get PT – you need to see an M.D. and get their referral. 2 of the 4 doctors didn’t even mention PT as a recommendation. I’ve said this before – one told me “These kinds of things just burn themselves out over time.” Looking back on this statement infuriates me. Really – they just burn themselves out? Are you referring to my tendon specifically so that you can get a surgery out of it???

The only reason I got Graston was because I called his office back after doing some research and asked why he hadn’t recommended that treatment. His nurse immediately said, “oh, we can definitely get you into our clinic area for that. I’ll talk to the doctor and get it all set up.”  So I have to do the research myself and ask for non-surgical treatment? While I definitely support the idea of the general population being educated and knowing what options are available to maintain our bodies – I really think that the moral hazard here punishes those that don’t get enough information on their own.

Apparently in this state, because the AMA has bigger pockets, they are able to influence the health care to flow from the M.D.’s down. If this is the case, and they’re not recommending non-surgical procedures while leaving you prone to further injury, then this is a huge risk for patients.

Those 2 doctors I mentioned earlier were orthopedic surgeons – so it’s in their best interest for you to actually get worse.

I wonder how common this approach is in other states?