I have good form during squats and deadlifts (at least I think I do :P), but when I hit single leg work or balancing exercises I become very unstable. I also feel that when I have the time to setup for a lift, I can perform with proper form – but if I’m doing something dynamic; like jumping for a set so I can spike it – my form suffers and this is where the damage to the tendon occurs. I can lift all week long with no pain to my knee, but if I play volleyball for 1 or 2 nights in a week, the tendon lights up.

My plan is to cut out volleyball for a few months. I’ve contacted a personal trainer that’s FMS qualified. I spoke with him and felt very comfortable with his approach and his understanding of my situation and what my goals are. He also uses other means of measure on top of FMS to be thorough with his evaluation.  So I think this should help in that area and meets a lot of the recommendations you gave. I just wish he was also a trained PT.

But I plan on seeing a PT as well for the Graston/Astym in addition to possibly seeing a massage therapist for deep tissue and trigger point work. I have all kinds of spots on my quads, ITB, and inner thigh that won’t go away with foam rolling and using a lax ball.

Thanks for the tip on the fish oil, I’ll definitely be checking that out and hitting up the health foods store to find the grassfed meat.