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AvatarLuis Marquez

Hey Mike,

I think everything Kaitlin is saying is dead on and needs to addressed to help that shoulder. I would maybe throw in looking smaller as well. Going off of your question about things moving around in your shoulder with different grips,you are right.

 When you are using a neutral grip the head of your humerus and the muscles of your rotator cuff are in one of the strongest positions, if you are able to set the shoulder correctly. That being said when you go to any press overhead you are opening that shoulder capsule and putting it in a higher risk position. So, off that you can think if there is any nasty stuff going on in that rotator cuff or even the muscles holding the humerus in the capsule you are going to get some tweeky stuff going on. I know that there alot of videos here but if you can find the one with Kelley and Super D about setting the shoulder take a look. Being able to set that shoulder properly will help as well.

Hope that helped