AvatarNathan Richer

here are some mwod videos to watch:

areas of concentration i think would be to start:
t-spine – ie. smash with gemini
back of shoulder – rear delt, teres major/minor, suprapsinatus, etc.
traps ie. on ground smash with gemini, raise both arms over head
lats – roll with alpha ball or supernova
pecs major/minor – smash with supernova or lacrosse ball
could be other things up/downstream but definitely start here.
also try this – get in good posture position. brace strongly in the torso and glutes (ie. much greater than 20%). then raise both arms above your head with palms facing in. can you achieve full overhead lockout? any differences bet the two sides? if you can achieve full overhead lockout with a ton of bracing, it’s possible that when you lift, you are losing overhead position due to losing bracing…something to think about.