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AvatarNathan Richer

it is possible that you’ve somehow made some muscles very tight in the butt and this could be hitting on some nerves there sending pain down to your knee.  it may be that your standing on one leg may have done this, it may be something else in your form as kaitlin says.  i’d focus on first removing pain – it could mean you should see a PT – and relaxing those tight muscles.  Take some time off, smash gently not so vigorously in the first few sessions to let the muscles relax and return to normal, instead of hitting them hard in workouts and with a massage ball.  

i’m not sure what that lump of tissue is – could be a bruise or swelling due to smashing. might want to get that looked at before you run a ball over it and make it worse.

work on your posture in both standing and sitting. this most likely had a not so little effect on why this happened in the first place. switching positions from sitting to standing while work will help, but you should be acutely aware of what your posture is in both situations. switching around but sitting/standing with a bad posture won’t help you!
good luck!