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Fig 55-5. Single-leg hop and hold. The
starting position is a semi-crouched position on a single leg. The
athlete’s arm should be fully extended behind her at the shoulder. She
initiates the jump by swinging the arms forward while simultaneously
extending at the hip and knee. The jump should carry the athlete up at
an angle of approximately 45 degrees and attain maximal distance for a
single-leg landing. She is instructed to land on the jumping leg with
deep knee flexion (to 90 degrees) and to hold the landing for at least 3
seconds. Coach this jump with care to protect the athlete from injury.
Start her with a submaximal effort on the single-leg broad jump so she
can experience the level of difficulty. Continue to increase the
distance of the broad hop as the athlete improves her ability to “stick”
and hold the final landing. Have the athlete keep her visual focus away
from the feet to help prevent too much forward lean at the waist. (From

GD, Ford KR, Hewett TE. Rationale and clinical techniques for anterior
cruciate ligament injury prevention among female athletes. J Athl Train. 2004;39:352–364;

permission pending.)