I have. The one’s relating to volleyball are mostly focused on the shoulder.

None of them seem to focus on dynamic jumping in a “non-controlled” environment outside of a strength-conditioning facility/regimine.  Especially under the circumstances of having forward momentum when entering a jump sequence and further considering the use of a single leg, or a staggered footed landing.

Starting at the simplest level does help. But video’s, especially those of Carl Paoli, that show a progression of specific movements are invaluable in developing both a mental and physical understanding of advanced movements. The foundation is just the start of the house – you still need to build the frame, the wiring, the plumbing, etc.

Perhaps that additional information, beyond the foundation, isn’t found here on mobilitywod. That’s completely fine.  I think the idea is for the community to share where that additional information is found so that everyone can benefit and make better choices.