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AvatarAdriana Culmone

Thanks for the response iron_tiger!

Currently, I’m adopting the conservative approach. Knee can be in full flexion under body weight, with no prominent ache. Knee almost functions normal when standing, with occasional discomfort or ache half the times, when in full extension.

Rehabbing it with body weight and box squats till just below parallel. Mixing it with a few jogs so far. No recurring swell post exercise.

I have not do any form of barbell squats yet. Slowly getting there. Aiming to get back full functionality in e next few weeks.

Am also cautious and suspect maybe I am shoving the knees out too much during full flexion squats, and maybe caused some knee dysfunction in the popliteus or even he meniscus tear reflected in the MRI.

Anyway, only reminder of the injury for now is when I experience some form of tender ache at the posterior lateral side when the knee is cold, in terminal knee extension when weighted or unweighted. Still perplexed is it is meniscus or muscular related.