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AvatarPatrick Thomas

An hour is a long single dose.
Are you able to do 2 shorter sessions?
Make it more manageable task.

What are you using for a tool on the adductors?
Sounds like you are going too deep. May need to start with a different tool.
Start chipping away at it.

Awareness is key.
Now that you are aware of what needs improvement your work has more direction.
At first it can seem overwhelming, however, as aspects start to resolve others can start improve at the same time.
Use what you have available each day.  Use this info as you are planning your week.

Good to hear you are seeing improvements with your quads.
Improvements are improvements no matter how big or small. All part of the process. Smaller gain lead to bigger gains.

You may be addressing too much at once.
Limit each session to 3 mobs.
You don’t want to over work an area.
A couple shorter doses throughout the day may work better.
It can take some work before you see change.
You may need to take another look at how you are addressing something.
Pro Episode # 21 – Pro-User Request Friday: Not Seeing The Change? You Need a Systems Approach.

Not a good/bad thing just something that is.
Start working in movement break through out the day.
Some examples from Stand Up Kids Breaking things up and resetting makes a difference.

Becoming more aware of how you move throughout the day is a great start.
Stay positive about what you find. It is information, a starting point.
Seeing what is actually happening is a powerful tool. You can think you were doing one thing, however, something else is actually happening. Not good/bad just is.
Start with small achieve changes each day.
Small changes over time lead to lasting bigger changes.

May need to go back and relearn some movements or positioning.
There are many contributing aspects.
Skill work
Is there someone who can help you with this?
Proprioception and motor control can be impacting factors.

Unlearning one habit and rebuilding another habit can take some time.
Engrained habits take more focus to break since it is so engrained.
I’ve seen some things which say it takes 21 days of deliberate practice to form a habit.
Don’t think a time period can really be put on it.
Different for each person, and different by what is being addressed.
Be consistent
You are improving aspects such as sleep which is great.
It may take a bit to get levels back to baseline, however, every night you are making improvements and things are moving to a better overall place.
Chipping away at. Can’t ask for anything more.
Keep up your to improve these aspects.