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AvatarLuke Rooney

Thank you for your reply Kaitlin! 

You are absolutely right, I’ve been spending most of my time focus on putting out fires and not having a systematic approach to the (real) issue. It kinda makes sense how those “fires” wouldn’t stay out without a bigger and more pointed effort on improvement of spinal/pelvic mechanics. 

Yes, I am hyper mobile, and comments from the videos about missing range/end range proprioception really makes sense to what I am struggling with, like finding stable positions. 
I had seen two of the videos before, but watching all of them thinking “systems approach”(and taking notes) now helped me get a better grasp how to transfer that into my routine and programming. I’m thinking that putting my effort on improving pelvic position to give my spine somewhere nicer to live would be the first step, and at the same time putting all movement practice -focus on motor control with slow intent and cat 1. movements. 

In regards to lifestyle/adaption errors I think I am doing well with hydration and sleep, but I am not a nutrition ninja, maybe going from my current 70% of clean/LCHF/real food to something like 90% could make some improvements? That being said, most of the time I’ve spent doing mobilitywork and CF has been combined with sleep deprivation; but that is currently not an issue. Looking through the adaption error -list from “becoming a supple leopard” I can see that stress and chronic inflammation could be contributing factors to why I haven’t gotten far, as well as the errors in programming.