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AvatarStacy Kellough


Welcome to MWOD. 
In terms of where to start the daily Rx is a great place. Try doing it every day for a month and see how you feel. I would also recommend using your squat, DL position and HS push up or press as a test/retest. By this I mean perform a squat, do some mobility drills and re-test it after. If your squat feels better than you are doing the right stuff. If it feels the same than move on to a different mobilization. 
In terms of equipment, it sounds like you have enough bands. Get yourself a lax ball, make a peanut or buy a gemini and get some voodoo bands. 
If you really want a more in-depth understanding of these concepts, I would recommend buying Kelly’s book and reading it over.
Take care,
MWOD Coach