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AvatarTina Mitaine

Thanks for the awnser!

I think i will need to go to a doctor then anyway. When i asked my physical therapist she said it couldn’t be a disk injury because i could bend all the way to my toes (this is already 1,5 month ago or so). But my pain is always different, the one time i can’t even bend my back slightly and the other time i have no pain at all. 
Most of the times the pain will come a day or couple of hours after i have used my lower back. Like when i work i need to lift boxes and after that i most of the times would have the lower back pain again. Also after squatting or deadlifting it would come back, last week i could do front squats 2 times and after the pain came back again.
So i should just go to a doctor to get an x-ray scan done instead of asking my physical therapist if it is a disk injury or not?