AvatarKatie Hemphill

Hey Harrison,

What symptoms specifically have hinted at nerve compression for you? Not saying its not the case, but we might be able to sleuth a little more accurately with a little more info on the symptoms. Any numbness or tingling in the foot? Sharp, pinching sensations? Radiating pain?
One must wonder if the pressure of the brace simply set fire to some tendons on the outside of your ankle, as that could have totally happened. Try some lower leg smashes, focusing on the outside of the lower leg. (If those peroneals are stiff, the smashes can be nearly unbearable, so take them in doses and use a softer ball if necessary.)
A good double ball smash for the outside of the lower leg is demonstrated in this Daily Rx, but you can find a bunch more easily if you just search through some of the older episodes with the right filters on.
If feeding slack into the leg doesn’t work, and you have the means, get that nonsense diagnosed! You deserve some answers and solutions.