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AvatarPatrick Thomas

You need to change your focus.
Mobilizing your whole body everyday is a huge task.
Instead determine what will have the biggest result and address that first.
Start with the spine, then move to the big engines of the hip and shoulder.
These are the big 3 to start with.

Having a more focused approach will help you spend quality time addressing the focus areas for that day.
Doing a couple minutes on alot of different items/areas may not be enough time to start seeing change.
You want to keep it to a max of 3 items per day.

You want to keep movement within your schedule. Movement is key.
Working non exercise movement (changing positions, fidgeting, taking a walk around your work area, etc) will help too.

Yes, this will get resolved. It may take time, however, start chipping away at it.
I’d recommend watching the webinars too.