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AvatarRay Minehan

Your original question about pain from the crest of the hip is a tell-tale for having a locked up sacroiliac joint, in conjunction with a l3-l5 issue in conjunction with the hips locked in extension.  This can lead to very serious problems.  I know because I suffered the exact same thing.  The pain while sitting is basically an elevation of the same condition, meaning its getting worse.  High level athletes are able to perform with similiar or worse conditions because they do so many things.  You are in good shape, and doing a lot of right things, so you are able to be functional in this condition, but as you grow older it will catch up with you. You have to find a good chiropractor that will work with you to unlock the sacroiliac joint and l3-5 out, you cannot do that on your own.  A very good massage therapist may be able to unlock them but that is rare.  When you have that level of fault the muscles will not relax via stretching, its part of the protection mechanism.  They have to be massaged lose.  Once your back is straightened, and your hips and sacroiliac is unlocked you can begin to work on a few areas.  The first is the hip flexors.  they need to be stretched and lacrossed, to do that get 4 balls and tape them in a pyramid structure.  the second area is the psoas.  the third is with hip mobility, put a foot up on a counter and try to get that foots knee outside the shoulder.  As to your calfs being sore, I suggest listening to the joe rogan experience episode with Kelly, the walking/running part will give you insight as to the problems cause.