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AvatarKeith Messina

This has been an interesting journey. I have been following these mobility wods for a longs time, but mostly when directed to do one by CFE or a few standard ones we repeat with my athletes.

With a week and a half of going through the videos above and more in order to learn more about what could be causing has lead to some good and bad things. The good thing is I have become more observant about my own issues; I have noticed when doing low load squats I clearly that my right foot turns out, I seem to running with a duck foot on the right, and when I bike my left knee points out if I don’t concentrate on keeping it forward. The bad news is that I am now doubting everything I do and stumped have lost some confidence.

As far as the original pain, it now only hurts when I am sitting. Sadly, I start back to school tomorrow so I will be doing a lot of sitting. I am still trying to figure out how reduce the pain, rolling my QL area with a oversized tennis ball (from petstore) is painful so I think it is in fact the area causing my issue.

I was already rolling, flossing, and using lacrosse balls as needed, but now the number of movements I tackle during my post workout routine has probably tripled. Hopefully I will see serious improvements with all of this extra work.