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AvatarKarthik Gunnia

I understand enough about movement quality and posture that when I’m typing I try to keep my shoulders externally rotated, so they’re not in in a shitty position; I also don’t over-extend when I’m “sitting up straight.” My movement is really good. I can ass-to-ankles squat while maintaining stable hip/ankle/back, and when I’m warmed up can maintain stability below parallel with my feet together. I used to be able to overhead squat with two kettlebells in good overhead position, but I’m too tight for that now. Since I posted the original comment, between my shoulder blades and upper traps have calmed down a bit, but are still really tight. Now however, I can’t push press or jerk without my teres minors screaming for mercy. It’s like they cramp between 75-100% end range. I think I roll to my side in my sleep, and my shoulders come way internal. I’ve started focusing more smashing on my pecs and subclavius to try and give my back some slack. I still don’t know what to do about the constant muscular tightness in my upper traps though. Nothing has worked for that so far.