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AvatarZaid Mansuri

I have had 24 hours to enjoy it thus far and to David’s point I will highlight a few things. 

1. I have been doing mobilization techniques for almost three years since I read “Stretch to Win” & “Anatomy Trains”
2. I have competed athletically at high level for quite some years and have had the chance to try a lot of different tools. (Although not as many as KStar)
3. I have tight quads, calves, and lats (among other things). The Battlestar helps me with these areas more than the rumble roller or lacrosse ball.
4. To David’s point you need multiple tools for multiple things! This is not a one tool fits all. I have this as well as the gemini, supernova, multiple types of YTU balls, and many other tools. I believe that this will enhance the experience of the areas that a rumble roller or grid are meant for.
I will update after a more thorough use but I one quick thing that I like is that it has the rolling effect while staying in place. The other rollers start to move sometimes as you smash so there is a need to adjust at times.