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AvatarNathan Richer

first, my bstar arriving tomorrow woot!

second, here’s my take on tools.  i think it depends on the situation on which tool you might choose.  there is:
1. are you a noob to smashing or been smashing for a while? there is a tolerance to be built up in tissues and your ability to relax when pressing against a soft to hard object, small (more focused) or bigger (wider spread out effect).
there is the fact that a given muscle which you’ve never smashed before may require you to start with a softer, bigger tool first – remember the first time you smashed your adductors? hats off to you if you started with a supernova! i started with an alpha ball and worked up to that.
2. the muscle in question can also respond better to certain size/hardness.  if i’m trying to work my serratus, i can’t get on a hard supernova because it hurts my ribs. but an alpha ball works great.  i also find that i get better results using an alpha ball across my lats. for some reason, the hardness of the supernova makes it hard for me to fully relax into it.  
3. certain sizes of the tool will work better in certain situations.  some days I find that i cannot use a supernova on my lateralis. but using a lacrosse ball lets me get more targeted and affects less area, but more effect on the area that it does touch.  sometimes i can roll through the lumps better with a lacrosse ball than with supernova.
4. certain tools have different characteristics.  pre-bstar, i was using a TP cold roller – no space for a barbell in my little workout space – because i liked the hard metal surface.  however, the TP surface is also very slick and smooth. so i am looking fwd to trying out the grippiness of the bstar and see if it gets more effect on fascia.
so i think it’s an advantage to have a multitude of tools at your disposal to try against your muscles in different areas and situations…