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AvatarNathan Richer

so far my favorite smash for the adductors is using the supernova. you lay belly down, and stick the supernova under one leg’s adductors and roll it back and forth using your leg, across the adductors versus lengthwise.  when you hit a stiff point, flex and then release into the ball. then continue rolling that area. then move it to a new position on the adductor and repeat.  i also like generating a pressure wave with the ball through tough areas, pressing hard into the ball and then slowly rolling the bar across the stiff point of the adductor.  i do this for the entire length of the adductor. 

one thing though – i had to start with the yogatuneup alpha ball. in the beginning, my high adductor was so tight that i could not relax even into the supernova.  so i worked it with the alpha ball for a few weeks and then graduated to the supernova.  i also used that big yellow golf ball available on rogue for a while but after the supernova came back in stock i stopped using that.