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Kaitlin, the pain was there like a couple of months ago. But then I did alot of internal rotation stretches on my right leg and pain went away when squatting. And I’ve been doing alot of mobility, and it has turn to the better. But I still think my squat sucks.. Although I have “terrible” mobility, I think I’m one of the people barbellshrugged talked about that has different proportions of the body, either being a long athlete or have some very long limbs of some sort. . I have long arms and legs and a pretty short torso which resulting in my backsquat getting a  forwardleaned backsquat/airsquat and so on. 

The problem is that I’ve been very non-supple overall, and have worked alot on my thoracic spine mobility lately. This has improved ALOT, so trying to put more focus on my lower body now instead. 

I’ve tried alot of the mobwods and don’t really know which one is the better for me, but I like the “super squat hip sequence” and will start doing it pre every wod from now on. Is there any other mobilitywod I can spend 5-10 minutes on post-WOD every day that will improve the symptoms? 
And what do you mean “bone on bone”, sounds dangerous. Should I be doing the mobwods where I put the femur back in the socket or what should I do?