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AvatarPatrick Thomas

If you are doing work and not seeing change you need to take a new approach.
A systems approach.
Is this true on both sides?
Has anyone looked at your squat mechanics?
Squat Quick Test: Is it Tight Ankles or Tight Hips? | Community Video

Soft tissue work, contract relax, smashing can be done daily.
Are you working up/down stream of these areas?
You aren’t seeing lasting change because there hasn’t been change in the joint capsule or connective tissue.
Have you done banded distractions?

What are your sliding surfaces in the area like?
Does the skin move around the ankle or is it tacked down?
Tack & floss, ball whacking, and stacking are good to start working in.
Check these episodes to start with:
Episode 85: Unglue Your Sticks Man
Episode 115: Lower Leg Sliding Surfaces
Episode 258: Ankle Mobility-Self Mulligan Technique
Episode 350: Tack And Floss: Heel Cord Edition
Jamie and Roop have a 5 part foot and ankle series.
Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 – Ankles
Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 – Ankles

How is your trunk positioning?
This is prioritized first. Downstream tightness can originate here.