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AvatarPatrick Thomas

    Have you used the next band up when doing banded distractions?
    Have you addressed motor control (movement, movement mechanics)?
    Are you moving correctly?

    Feet turned out when you squat causes you to load incorrectly.
    How often are you taking the ankle and hip through full range?
    Working up/down stream?

    Have you watched Pro Episode # 21 – Pro-User Request Friday: Not Seeing The Change? You Need a Systems Approach.?

    Addressing the calf?
    As Kelly notes a dysfunctional hip usually has calf tightness on the same side.
    When you see change and it goes right back there hasn’t been a change in the connective tissue proper or joint capsule.

    Have you looked at trunk position/organization?
    Trunk control?
    If things are not set here there can be downstream implications.

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