AvatarTony Rudy

I haven’t watched any pro episodes; still trying to justify to my wife why I should be allowed to spend the money since she believes I already know everything, but I believe Kelly’s philosophy has always been that it’s impossible to tackle all issues at one time, but by changing lifestyle and dedicating 10 to 20 minutes a day you can start making change.  It takes time.  Choose one or two “goats,” severely troubling mobility issues, per day, and start from the beginning of the original project; this may be a start to start hitting your entire body, so you don’t become overwhelmed.  Throw in 8 – 10 sets of hollow rocking per night as well to reinforce midline.

Personally, I’ve made a habit to hit pieces throughout the day, and I’ve become pretty obsessed with posture (I get made fun of frequently).  I put in around 15 minutes following my training and an additional 10 – 20 minutes each night before bed.  Couch stretch during TV. Good Luck