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AvatarNathan Richer
to expand on the above, here is a master list of stuff i’ve bought over the years which work really well:
Rogue Monster Bands, green and black
Supernova 80mm
Battlestar, big and small
Voodoo floss bands (2) 7′
Yoga Tune Up
Alpha Ball
Therapy Balls w/ Tote OR Therapy Balls Plus w/ Tote (or both)
– the Therapy balls are about lacrosse ball size but much softer. It is inevitable that as you start, many areas will be too sensitive to use the hard lacrosse ball at first. thus you need the softer ball to start, then graduate up to lacrosse ball.
– the Alpha ball is the soft equivalent of the Supernova.
Theraband Door Anchor
– use these to anchor your bands when using them at home. i use these a lot, or i have to use a 70 and 80 lb KB together and loop a band through both handles. anything lighter gets dragged across the floor and is not heavy enough.
Lacrosse balls (2)
Amazon or Sporting Goods store
– you can also wrap athletic tape around two lacrosse balls to create a “peanut” or the equivalent of a Gemini
– Great for putting your knee or lower leg on it while mobilizing. You can also use it to raise the hips by sitting on it, during splits to keep good neutral back while getting used to the split position.
Kettlebell (2)
16kg/35 lb
– Great for lower leg mobilizing by smashing with it. The handle can be used to smash the gut or high adductors. Get two to use one to block your foot into dorsiflexion while you smash with the other one.
Tools to hit the first rib:
I couldn’t effectively get at the first rib with a lacrosse ball or Yogatuneup ball, nor with a Rogue monster band to hold it in there while I mobilized. The space between my neck and clavicle is too small. Also a ball’s hardness matters as it was aggravating my clavicle – a softer ball helped me there too.
So I used a Rogue Ring Strap to hold a smaller ball there:
27mm rubber balls
45mm rubber balls
Golf balls (couldn’t resist getting Angry Birds golf balls) 42.7mm: