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AvatarAydan Mcmahon

Yes, you should mob before and after. (I can’t find the episode, either).

The main difference is that your pre-workout mobilization should be dynamic.  Save the long static holds and the major smashing for after.  You should always mobilize all of the joints that will be well-used in your workout.  You might have to put a bit of extra time into it if it’s your goat; as Mike points out, if you can only get into a good position after doing the mob, you have to do the mob first for safety.
If you are doing squats, the hips will be most important pre-workout.  Whether you want to do the shoulder before or after in that case probably wouldn’t matter.  If you have the time to do it before AND after your workout, even better!  Goats need all of the work they can get!