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AvatarJoey Shillolo

@Kaitlin_ excellent advice posting videos, above and beyond most comments i see.

SwadeJaxsun I had broken the tip of my elbow off and had 2 pins in it for a year and 2 surgeries. i was missing range of motion like you.  so we have the same symptom of rom loss rooting from different problems.
I went through therapy 2x’s and still was lacking rom. 5 years after that I took an archery class and within 6 weeks I had 100% rom.
using the bow compels your wrist, elbow and shoulders to work like a wrist, elbow, and shoulder should.  
Todd Hargrove, “A Guide To Better Movement”, teaches a principle that the nervous system as a highly intelligent, overprotective mother.  once your brain feels safe or that the movement you’re about to do won’t affect survival then it begins to give you more movement capacity back.