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AvatarRyan Cloutier

Let me begin by saying im Sorry to hear what your dealing with. I have had an injury for almost 8 years now. So i know what your going through. Dont delay this any longer! Get all the assessment you can from a variety of sources! Don’t try to solve the issue by yourself thinking you will save money! 

Also, please define what you mean by lbp? and tell us more about your injury. 

My advice:
1) Get a 3-D gait analyses: google 3-D gait analyses. It might be hard to find one. It is much more informative than a 2-D video analyses and will tell you things you would not be able to see with your eyes. This will help you in figuring out what is going on wrong, and the correct treatment plan can then be tailored to your specific needs. This is usually not to expensive either.
2) Check to see if you have a leg length discrepancy. This might be contributing to your injury. If you have one make sure you figure out if its anatomical or functional
3) Get any imaging you need to get done:
4) Go see a well recognized, very good and experienced physiotherapist: Get a good assessment from him. Send all your findings in regards to 3-D gait analyses, leg length discrepancy and imaging to him. He will help you decide how to proceed in terms of making a plan to solve your case. Try to find a good one by asking other health care practitioners, using the internet, looking at credentials etc.. It might be hard and you might have to travel a little bit, but you might only need a few visits with him. Most exercises you will be able to do at home. 
5) Consider seeing a PM&R (physical medicine and rehab physician – also known as a physiatrist): these guys are doctors who specialize in the neuromuscular system. They can do a bunch of tests, assesments and make treatment plans and they are well trained. Look for ones specializing in sports medicine. They can do EMG test, which can actually test the firing of your muscles. You can check for muscle imbalances in this way. You can see which muscles are firing during which exercises, and if their is incorrect motor patterns. 
6) Osteopath or chiropractor: They may help you or lead you to the right direction. They can also asses for functional leg length discrepancy. The osteopath I visited for example was not able to help my situation by herself but she knew a really good physiotherapist and recommended me to go to him. He has been the most help so far.