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AvatarKatie Hemphill

Hey Mark,

If it’s minor damage to the outside of the meniscus, there is a chance it will heal up. That area has some blood supply. But if you’re in any position to get an MRI and know what’s up, I would. It might be a good idea to lay off of the deep/heavy squats for a while and spend some time opening up your hips and ankles in a way that doesn’t provoke any pain symptoms from the knee.
I think another mistake K-star made with the “knees out” cue is that he took for granted that everyone would know their feet still have to remain on the floor, and that it doesn’t mean your knees HAVE to be outside of the feet. On that note, however, Kelly Starrett is certainly not the first person to say knees out. He didn’t invent the cue, he just uses it. Mark Rippetoe emphasizes that cue in Starting Strength, and no one is hating on him in that debate.
Furthermore, to continue the tangent, anytime I watch people squat who are not deliberately trying to shove their knees out, the feet collapse, even if the knees are floating above the feet. The system just goes soft. The knees out cue makes a ton of sense, but certain individuals may need other cues to really grasp the concept.