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AvatarBob Schuessler

Thank you for the response, Kaitlin! 

Will you use the other programs?
I’m interested in the additional programs offered such as endurance, strength, and explosive strength (and I know that it’s only used to facilitate the work done with regular training and that I can’t just put it on and then lay on the couch and expect to win the games next year lol)
What are your goals for using estim?
I’ve been looking into estim because of the research showing angiogensis is a direct result of regular use and to use for recovery from tougher work outs by aiding the body’s process of flushing out waste products from the muscle. I recently tweaked my vastus medialis during 90% squats (nothing major like a tear, just a decent strain….there was no swelling, bruising, or visible changes in the muscle…just tightness). This led me to seriously looking into making a purchase. I was set on the Marc Pro Plus until I had a friend mention the compex. It peaked my interest due to the fact that I can cover more muscles in one session and the additional programs. It’s so hard to find an objective comparison of the two products because all the reviews I find seem to only be endorsements from one side or the other. I’m only wanting to find the best investment possibly because this purchase is pretty major for me lol.
Apologies for my long-winded answer, I just want to find the best deal for the amount of money I’m putting into it. (that’s why I’m loving that both offer a payment plan lol)