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AvatarBob Schuessler

    Thank you for the response, mask1e! I’ve heard similar responses from people who own a Pro Plus. Paying this much for something is a pretty big purchase for me so I want to make sure that I get the best device for the price paid. I saw the Paypal credit payment offer, but unfortunately for the Sport Elite, it is $141.67 a month over 6 months vs. the Pro Plus price of $79.16 a month over 12 months. It sounds like Marc Pro is a very solid investment, I was just intrigued by the multiple programs and additional pads (meaning more muscle groups worked at one time) that the Compex offers. I’ve followed Brian MacKenzie’s videos pretty often and usually see him using a Marc Pro for recovery protocols, but I believe that they used the Compex at Athlete’s Cell and he had posted a few thing on the internet about the Compex a few months back giving it the thumbs up.