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    Have you been on the how to use section of their website?
    Some parts have a new design with more coming.
    Marc Pro Plus protocols will be posted shortly.
    They have different pad placements, combos, single focus, time efficient placements, alternative placements, and some tips/placements from cyclists they work with, and videos with placements and what the contraction will look like.
    Marc Pro has a distinct waveform and pulse duration so there isn’t multiple programs that require different pad placements. More info here
    I know they have posted pdf placements on social media, videos are on vimeo not youtube hitting the site is the best option on those. Some athletes post on their personal pages.

    Is there a specific placement you are looking for or looking for additional options for?
    Feel free to let me know any questions you have on placements etc and I’m glad to help.
    My email is [email protected]