Okay I will take a stab… lol

If you do have a “man belly” then your first thing you should work on is nutrition. Are you eating paleo? Are you eating 3-4 balanced meals a day? The second way to reduce man belly is get into the gym. Crossfit workouts coupled with a solid diet will help reduce body fat significantly. If you aren’t interested in crossfit try to focus on compound movements like the squat and deadlift, with good form your learned in supple leopard.

Kelly’s focus seems to be more on addressing the body’s issues regarding mobility rather than losing weight. You may be looking in the wrong place to solve your problem. It is always good to know how to move properly and be able to hit key ranges of motion which these videos will help. It is up to you though to eat well, work out hard, and improve mobility in order to see the changes you want.