AvatarNathan Richer

when you are healed up some, i would encourage you to ease up to CF in combo with hockey more.  try going only once a week to CF first and then see if you can space more rest after CF before you next hockey game.  do only bodyweight, and the bar for lifts. then build from there.

make sure you mobilize after CF and hockey to get those tissues back in order – don’t leave the tightness around! things will only build to bad.
also note that CF is awesome GPP – general physical prepardeness. however, with many athletes who do another sport, people often do CF in the off season and then need to taper off CF during season because the stress of doing both CF and their sport together is too much. or they need to reduce volume and load considerably because they just simply cannot recover enough and it is interfering with their sport specific training.
i don’t know if your hockey league is all year round or only in the winter, but you may consider cycling the training if there is a break. good luck with the MRI! always cool to peer inside your body for whatever the reason.