AvatarNathan Richer

i would say that arthritis is not my specialty and i’m not a clinician.

arthritis is definitely inflammation related and i believe some forms of degeneration are in part due to the poor movement patterns we have, in addition to some kind of chronic inflammation in the joints.
So your years of playing hockey but unwittingly with movement patterns that have caused damage to your knees and without MWOD principles to loosen/lengthen your muscles up so that they are ready to absorb force again, your knees are now feeling pain. Well…that is my theory – i think that spending some time with MWOD principles and restoring mobility of structures up and down stream from the knee, and then also looking at muscular imbalances and your skating pattern (maybe walking, running, sitting as well) could bring you back.
it is also possible that you were on the edge of injury while playing hockey, but put yourself over the edge with crossfit. you may need to back off on CF and/or hockey too to heal up. if you are still moving ok, i would definitely try anything/everything before someone cuts you open for some “solution”.