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AvatarNathan Richer

    to test if any body part is the problem, just simply go into the deep squat as far down as you can without losing torso shape.  then mob/smash a body part. test the deep squat after that. did you go down further without losing torso shape or still the same? if you went down lower without losing torso shape, then that’s a target body part to smash/mob.  repeat.

    if your calves are tight, that is enough to stop you from going down in proper torso shape.  try smashing those.
    achieving pistol squat all the way to the bottom is great, but most people lose their torso shape at the bottom in order to stop from tipping back. 
    you should start glutes/torso tight, and as you descend you’ll likely have to stop contracting your glutes to let yourself down. but don’t lose your torso tightness!