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AvatarPaul Besterman

For the hips I have not looked up/downstream at all.  I just watched the big engine webcast which explained a lot so I am just now getting a understanding of what could be causing some problems.  Do you know if Kelly may be doing any more of the webcasts going into detail on other areas ?

For the hamstrings I have been trying to spend about 30-40 minutes every other day as well as the hips.  I was focusing more on my psoas, iliacus, and ql to try and fix the back issue.  

The feet I have been using a lacrosse ball, they are much better but still trying to work on the ankles they are pretty stiff.  I cant seem to get dorsal flexion range.  I loosened a lot of the tacked down skin on the achilles tendon which opened some range up but still not as much as I need.  Not sure if the tight hamstrings are effecting this as well, I’m sure they are. 

Question with the gut smashing is it safe/ok to come across the spine or do I just want to smash on either side of the spine ?