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AvatarMeghan Beck

This is right up my alley. I have been battling low back and SI since Oct of last year. started out with sciatica. Went to chiro and made adjustments but never would got better much. Went to my normal doc who thought it was more SI than a lumbar problem. Tenderness over the glute and SI joint but no tenderness around the lumbar spine. Sent me for PT. Got a little better but the pain never went away. PT had me doing press ups and some stretching but again never really went away.

My pain is sharp in my glute and sometimes goes around to my lateral hip ( right where my belt will sit.) Sometimes it will shoot down my quad and hamstrings. sometimes flank pain as well. Now I notice that it is radiating into my lower left abdominal area. I really think it is tight muscles but as much as I use the supernova, lacross ball and other mwod tools it eases but comes back. Training acutally makes it better.

Once I get warm I’m good. still feel a little pull but no where near as bad as later in the day and when I wake up. Same when I getg up from a chair. first few mins suck but once I get to going its not as bad.