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AvatarNathan Richer

could be your hams, could be something else.

the test says you only need to touch the barbell when you bend over. can you not touch the barbell when you bend over?
other things to consider:
1. are you driving your hips back when you bend over?  not doing that means the hams will save you from doing a face plant and be tight, even if you have good enough ROM.
2. when you brace the torso, are you bracing strongly?  try the test by bracing *very* strongly and then bending over. if you are loose, the hams may once again tighten up because they do not trust your body bracing.
3. when you say spine neutral, are you truly neutral?  look in the mirror or take a photo of side view to make sure you are truly in good position.  you may have sway when you think you are neutral.
also related to this is, are you keeping the spine in perfect position the whole way down, from standing straight up to final bent over position? you shouldn’t be changing/shifting position even in the slightest from standing to bent over.  
you can check by using a pole:
4. how’s your hip hinge? have you patterned a good hip hinge?
5. mobilize the back, hips, and hams, also down to your calves and feet.  the entire rear/posterior muscle chain should be a target for mob and smashing. mob/smash one area, then get up and test.  then repeat all the way down.  if any one area gets you better results, then that should be a target whenever you mob/smash for the near term.