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AvatarKate Harrigan

Hi Adam,

Sounds similar to something I was dealing with a while ago.  The approach I followed was:
Sort out a rotated pelvis.
Banded distractions to the hips.
I came to the realisation I was never going to get lasting results just smashing the QL without addressing joint position first.
Smash the QL and psoaas.
I also used a ball and peanut through the thoracic spine and wrapped a voodoo band around the high leg and worked on hip flexors, adductors and hamstrings.  This was done to feed slack into the system.
I had been getting the back pain for a year or two.  But think the initial cause was poor rehab from an injury several years previous.  That is to say it was pretty well ingrained in my movement pattern and and it has taken a while to create a lasting change.  I’m no longer getting the pain after around 6 months of working on it.  To be honest I don’t know when it stopped hurting, it just reduced in severity and frequency over time.  Hope this helps.