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AvatarNathan Richer

hmm let me make sure i understand.

when you go into a lunge position with right leg forward/left leg back, the left psoas is tight?
what do you mean by left hip is flexible? what positions can you get into better/worse?
and what exactly do you mean by right hip is tighter?
if the left psoas is tight, it could be inhibiting the function of the right glute (psoas is hip flexor, glute is hip extensor).  
if left QL/erectors and ham are tight, it could be that these muscles are taking up work of the missing glute and feeling overworked without the left glute in the chain.
i would mobilize/smash the left psoas and do a test. can you fire the left glute a little better?
work the left QLs/erectors and hams to loosen them up. does this help in firing the left glute a little better?
i would also look to the couch stretch to help – with the left side back, practice squeezing the left glute as you come up to vertical.  i bet it’s going to be hard (and thus good for you).  
you can also try some single leg deadlifts to start activating the left glute.